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Wasps and HornetWasp is an insect of the order Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita neither a bee nor an ant., Yellowjackets and hornets are most commonly known wasps.

Wasps and Hornet Control

In Saskatoon mostly in summer residential areas have wasp nest problem, Wasps and hornet build there nests by chewing wood to make a papery pulp.
They use stings to kill prey and defend their nests. Hornet stings are more painful to humans.
Mostly in saskatoon they make exposed nests in trees,  storage shed,  outside building walls and some build their nests underground.
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Wasps and Bee's

Life cycle of a Wasps

Queen Wasp.

Fertilized by male wasps before hibernation Queen Wasp hibernates in her hibernation cell

Normally it’s about golf ball sized. Survive their hibernation queen wasp wake up as the weather gets warmer and build their new nest. They don’t use their previous nest again.

Summer wasps nest building.

After finding suitable nest location queen wasp uses wood as a building material. Chewed wood mixed with saliva she make a paste to construct the nest. Then she covers it with petiole a chemical that repels ants.

Building nest and laying eggs.

After building the nest cell queen lays eggs one by one in the cells within her nest. These eggs hatch into larvae then she feeds larva with protein food from insects. These larvae’s become adult worker wasps called drones. By July worker wasps take the duty of nest building, food and feeding the larvae, Queen Wasp lay about 100 eggs per day, a wasps nest can be home to over 20,000 wasps.

End of nest and new Queen’s.

When nest reaches its maximum size queen lays queen eggs around 1300 to 1500 new queens. They mate before winter and fertilized queens find a place to hibernate.

Around September worker wasps they no longer have sugar solution provided by the larvae. They start to look outside of the nest for food. As winter approaches there is no food available for them and they all die, but not the new hibernating queens.

Next year spring, the whole process begins again.

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