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Saskatoon Bedbug Control

One major big problem that is growing in our saskatoon residential and commercial area is bedbug’s infestation. You can bring bed bugs from movie theater, school, coffee shop, hotels or from your offices.
If you wake up early in the morning and you notice a red bump on your skin most probably it is the bed bug.
We always advise our customer never wait to address this issue because bedbug population becomes a bigger problem within weeks and it is very hard to control bedbug infestation at that stage.
Before the bed bug infestation grows up you need to call the exterminator.
If you need “bedbug’s inspection” or “bed bug spray in saskatoon” call the trusted name prairie pest control “Best bedbug exterminator in saskatoon”.
To understand the bed bug infestation level we need to identify the life stage of a bed bug here we have provide a short introduction of bed bugs life cycle.

Types of Bedbug

Bedbug Bites
Bedbug Card
Bedbug Inspection

Life Cycle of Bedbug:

If we divide the bed bug life cycle in seven stages the first one is egg, milky white in color they are about one millimeter in length.
1st Stage Nymph: As soon as they come out of their eggs they are about 1.5 millimeter in length they start eating immediately they don’t breed until they are fully adult.
2nd Stage Nymph: about 2 millimeters long with its first molt, it will become a 2nd stage nymph.
3rd Stage Nymph: After molting, 3rd stage nymphs, they are around 2.5 millimeters long.
4th Stage Nymph: 3 millimeters in length is The Fourth Stage.
5th Stage Nymph: 4.5 millimeters long is the final nymph stage.
Adult: they are ready to breed at this stage it take about 5 weeks from an nymph to become an adult.

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